Free wild flowers for all residents

Since the 1930’s, the UK has lost over 97% of its wildflower meadows. These areas support a variety of wildlife and act as vital feeding and nesting habitats for insects, butterflies, birds, small animals and other pollinators.
By creating your own mini meadow at home and introducing a variety of flowers and grasses to your garden, you can not only create an attractive landscaping feature, but also support local wildlife.

* The wildflower seeds are only available to residents on the sites we manage and maintain. Maximum 2 packs per property.

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Customer service is the single biggest service we provide at Trustgreen and we’ve tried to make it as quick and easy as possible to access the answers to your questions.

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Making Payments

Your Annual Management Fee goes a long way to achieving enjoyable outdoor spaces by helping us to maintain, enhance and improve your neighbourhood. We offer a range of payment options to make it as convenient as possible.

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Community champion Emma Hills stood with children from the local community

Community stories

Residents are central to everything we do at Trustgreen. Over the years we’re proud to have hosted many wonderful community engagement projects which continue to have a long-lasting impact on the people who live within those communities.

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We were greatly relieved to see the early improvements made by your landscape team and the conscientious manner in which they have maintained the area since.

Sandy – Hayfield

Thank you for acting so promptly in relation to my request. It’s good to see great customer service in this day and age.

Mark – Bolton