Shavington Park Play Area Maintenance

There’s no underestimating the importance of play throughout childhood.

Therefore, the environment in which children should be a safe space which stimulates learning, development, imagination, excitement and happiness.

The responsibility of ensuring play areas are maintained in a safe condition for children and young people to enjoy lies in our hands.  Our Estates Management Team are all RoSPA certified and RPII qualified, enabling them to perform routine checks on all play equipment.

It’s a rewarding aspect of the maintenance work we do and covers a whole range of settings and equipment.

A LEAP is an area of open space laid out with features including equipment for children who are beginning to go out and play independently.

The LAP is a small area of open space specifically designated for very young children to play close to where they live.

The NEAP is an area of open space specifically laid out and equipped mainly for older children but with play opportunities for younger children as well.

MUGAs are used both formally and informally, marked out for a range of activities, robustly made with ease of maintenance in mind and be free to use.

Trim Trail
A trim trail consists of a path or course with outdoor exercise equipment or obstacles for exercising and to promote good health.

Ancillary Items
Non-play items which may be in the form of fences, shelters, bins, furniture, and signage.