Meet Cameron Owen, Trustgreen Southeast Client Manager.

Cameron joined the business our Estates team as a graduate in 2019, before moving across to the Business Development team. He’s recently been promoted to Client Manager and is responsible for reaching out to both new and existing clients, growing the region, and creating management proposals for new sites.

What initially drew you to Trustgreen as a graduate?

“Before joining Trustgreen I was working as a landscaper based in North Wales. When I saw the graduate position advertised I liked the idea of working at a company focused on nature and working in the same industry as my role at the time. I wanted to step up into a more management-focused role and having studied Business Studies at University, was interested in growing my career in this industry in a more business-focused role to utilise the skills I’d learnt.”
Green Apple Award 2023

How does Trustgreen support your professional growth?

“It feels like we’re one big team and all working towards the same goal. This has helped to reach out and ask questions across the business units with everyone always willing to help and provide their knowledge. This has helped me to feel comfortable in asking questions and has helped me to learn about all different aspects of the business.”

Were there specific mentors or colleagues who played a significant role in your career development?

“When I started with the business, we were only a small team and Richard Watson was always there to answer any questions or help with any issues we may have had, and he still is now. That support and knowledge have been crucial to my learning and understanding of the expectations we have at Trustgreen and ‘doing the right thing’. When I moved into the BD role I reported directly to Chris Prescott. The support he offered in understanding how we communicate to clients has been invaluable and set the expectations and standards that we follow. His knowledge of the proposal process has been invaluable and has helped me to appreciate the importance of getting the details right the first time. Charlie Stockford has helped me to further develop my understanding of how we communicate to clients. This has helped me gain confidence in my communication skills and learn more and more about our region.”

What are the key milestones that helped shape your journey from a graduate to your current role?

“Taking management of my first sites which involved increased responsibility, learning how to communicate with our contractors and understanding the requirements of the management of our sites. Completing my first handover and learning how to communicate with our clients, their expectations and how we can successfully hand over sites.

“Moving into the Business Development Team and starting the Proposal Manager role, which involved client meetings, learning the communication skills required when speaking with our clients, and attending events such as the F1 and ace days has been a great opportunity. Winning new sites and being successful in the tendering process on our largest RFS site, Valley Park, and largest PT site (at the time) Old Kiln Lakes, and how this helped to give me more understanding in the tendering process and the confidence it gave me moving forward.

“Moving to the Southeast and opening a new regional office. Moving to the SE region has been a great experience and has given me great opportunities both through in my professional and personal life. I have been given more and more responsibility, frequently attending client meetings and RFS KPIs for 2023. Starting the Client Manager Role which is relatively new but the increased responsibility has been instant and is exciting. I’m now attending meetings more independently and communicating with new and existing clients on a more frequent basis.”

Can you share some challenges or obstacles you encountered along the way, and how you overcame them?

“When I first started at the business, I wasn’t confident in communicating with clients or residents. With the help of members of the team and feeling empowered to reach out ask for help, and ask questions, I now feel completely confidence in communicating with both clients and residents.”

What are your aspirations for the future?

“I aspire to become the Regional Business Development Manager for the Southeast Region and work towards expanding our business in this area. As we establish our presence in the region, I aim to be more involved in the proposal and client communication processes to maintain our position as industry leaders. Ultimately, my goal is to become a Group Director, specialising in the proposal and business development aspects of our business.”
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